Legal Information and notices required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Seller HANAMAN Ltd.
Operation supervisor Junichi Abe
location 54-2,azarokugatsuda hanawa Kazuno city Akita 018-5201
contact TEL:0186-31-1187 FAX: 0186-23-7515
How to apply website・mail・FAX(24 hours reception)
Sales volume There are restrictions. Based on consultation with customers.
Required fee other than item price Shipping&Box cost.Transfer fee in case of bank transfer
Delivery method Delivery at our shop or Kuronekoyamato. We will not ship internationally.
Delivery time Customer’s due date.
Payment method bank transfer・Paypal
About returned goods / defectives We can not accept because of fresh flower.
However, damage etc. on delivery will be dealt with as soon as possible on the day of arrival.
* In the case that the product does not arrive due to absence or other circumstances of the destination, we can not perform returns / exchanges, so we ask you to confirm the previous home day beforehand.
Sales conditions In Japan
Protection of privacy Personal information received from customers will not be used for purposes other than shipping products.
Please enjoy shopping with confidence.
About responsibility We can not assume any responsibility on our side after delivery of goods. We kindly ask for your understanding.
However, damage etc. on delivery found after receipt of goods will be dealt with as soon as possible on the day of arrival.

Shipping cost

Touhoku akita,aomori,iwate,miyagi,yamagata,fukusima ~80cm ¥1,000円(ex.)
~100cm ¥1,100円(ex.)
~120cm ¥1,300円(ex.)
~160cm ¥1,500円(ex.)
Kantou,Shinetsu ibaragi,tochigi,saitama,chiba,tokyo,kanagawa,yamanashi,nigata,nagano ~80cm ¥1,100円(ex.)
~100cm ¥1,200円(ex.)
~120cm ¥1,400円(ex.)
~160cm ¥1,700円(ex.)
Hokkaido・Hokuriku・Tyubu Hokkaido,toyama,ishikawa,fukui,gifu,shizuoka,aichi,mie ~80cm ¥1,200円(ex.)
~100cm ¥1,300円(ex.)
~120cm ¥1,500円(ex.)
~160cm ¥1,700円(ex.)
Delivery of fresh flowers is not allowed in the following areas due to the number of days.
Kansai shiga,kyoto,osaka,hyougo,nara,wakayama ~80cm ¥1,300円(ex.)
~100cm ¥1,400円(ex.)
~120cm ¥1,600円(ex.)
~160cm ¥1,800円(ex.)
Tyugoku,Shikoku,kyusyu tottri,shimane,okayama,hiroshima,yamaguchi,tokushima,kagawa,ehime,kochi,fukuoka,saga,nagasaki,kamamoto,oita,miyazaki,kagoshima ~80cm ¥1,600円(ex.)
~100cm ¥1,700円(ex.)
~120cm ¥1,900円(ex.)
~160cm ¥2,000円(ex.)
Okinawa ~80cm ¥2,300円(ex.)
~100cm ¥2,400円(ex.)
~120cm ¥3,200円(ex.)
~160cm ¥4,400円(ex.)

※From Hokkaido Asahikawa near the northern part, from Kansai to Okinawa will be delivered two days later. Okinawa will take more days.

※ When using cool flights, it will be plus from ¥ 200(ex.) to ¥ 600 (ex.) on the delivery fee.