New Year decoration lesson notice

This year’s New Year decoration used velvet leaf

With fresh flower type

Made with great care in Kazuno

Straw of rice “Yuki no Komachi”

Natural dry type used

2 patterns! !!

Popular New Year decoration lessons every year

Already by inquiry or reservation

There are times when it is full

We have some seats ready (* ´ ▽ ` *)

December 20th (Sun)

① 13: 00-full

② 14: 00-full

③ 15:00-full

④ 16: 00-4 seats left

〇 Fresh flower type 3 remaining

3500 yen (lesson fee, consumption tax included)

〇 Dry type 5 remaining

3500 yen (lesson fee, consumption tax included)

● If you would like two types of fresh flowers + dry type

6000 yen (lesson fee, consumption tax included)

You can save 1000 yen!

The standard production time is about 1 hour each.

Because it is such a year, with handmade New Year decorations

Let’s get rid of evil! !! !! !! !! !!

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