Plants gathering lesson It will be held.

The first plant gathering lesson in our shop
It will be held.

Arrange plants to make a bouquet
The roots you can enjoy from that day
Plants arrangement.
Because it has a root, you can enjoy the growth of the plant for a long time (^-^)

This time from Akita City
“Flower and Wind Village”
Invite Professor Miyazaki as a special lecturer
It will be held.

Date October 20th (Sunday) 13: 00-
Budget Lesson fee 2000 yen
Material fee 500 yen
+ Container fee, Hanae fee Actual cost
(Choose your favorite basket and pottery type)

[Items] Scissors, apron,

For applications and inquiries
florist flower bun
Please contact

We look forward to hearing from you (^-^)

Thankfulness, impression, excitement
Make a smile with flowers